My Cleland Connections From: Jim Graham Date: 2/7/02 Time: 12:54:30 AM Remote Name:

Comments Any connections??? Edward McLean Cleland b.22/11/1864,Tradeston,Glasgow,LKS Parents Duncan McGregor Cleland/Margaret Rodger McLean. Edward m. Jane Crawford Small & had 2 known sons George Bryce & James Small Cleland, George b. 1908 James N/K. Regards Jim Graham

From: Brian Docherty Date: 11/08/2000 Time: 4:36:09 AM Remote Name:

Comments My elder brother has a first name of Cleland, as did my Father!!!,are there anymore 1st name Clelands out there.

The Scottish Origins of John Kneeland of Boston From: E. Boehringer Date: 2/9/02 Time: 5:31:43 AM Remote Name:

Comments It appears to me that Johne Kneland, brother to James Cleland, 13th Cleland of that Ilk, and son of one William Cleland of that Ilk Chief ca.1597 could possibly be the father or grandfather of the Scots Charitable Society charter/founder member in Boston in 1656. More documentation needs to be discovered, nevertheless. –see J.B.Cleland’s “The Ancient Family of Cleland “, pp.20,22,24.

From: Michael Neeland <> Date: 20/08/2000 Time: 8:30:50 AM Remote Name:

Comments Hey. I stumbled across this site purely by accident one day. I’m wondering if there are any other members of my branch of the family out there. We came over from Ireland to Canada in 1801, I think, then moved down into America’s Midwest in the late 1800s. I’ve searched for relatives as far back as 5 generations and it seems I’m the only one who’s going to be carrying on this particular Neeland line. Does anyone else have any information concerning this part of the clan?

  Any Other Nilands From: Tyrone Niland Date: 2/14/02 Time: 4:21:55 AM Remote Name:

Comments Hi all…

I see that Niland stems from the Clan Cleland! Is this so? And if so, how many other Nilands are about? I am from South Africa!


From: LONNEEJ@AOL.COM Date: 5/10/2000 Time: 6:52:14 AM Remote Name:


  Clelands in South Carolina From: Ted Cleland of Edinburgh, Scotland Date: 2/20/02 Time: 5:21:16 AM Remote Name:

Comments When I visited Norfolk, Virginia as Captain of a Royal Navy submarine in 1966 I met two elderly ladies, (sisters, I think) who came from S. Carolina, and whose name was Cleland. However, it is probably too long ago now to be of any help. I myself come from the Ayrshire branch in Scotland

From: Date: 6/10/2000 Time: 10:48:29 AM Remote Name:

Comments My great grandparents Cleland lived in Vermont, however I can’t find when they came to the US. Harvey and Augusta Cleland lived in Hartland, (Windsor Co.) Vermont. Does a kind soul who better understands their immigration patterns have a suggestion as to how I trace them to the U.S. I have searched immigration and passenger lists, and the only logical conclusion I can come to is his parents came before him and to date haven’t found out what his parents names were. Any suggestions will be appreciated. Another Clelan Clan member thanks you for your time.

Martin Cleland ca 1830 From: Libby Cleland Bessire Date: 24/12/98 Time: 6:52:28 Remote Name:

Comments Searching for info on Martin and Sarah Cleland. (son Jonathan W. Cleland; grandson, Nathan Cleland; great-grandson, Elmer Cleland; GG-grandson, Ralph E. Cleland.) Martin moved from Virginia to Ohio to Indiana sometime between 1826 and 1834. Listed as an early settler of Auglaize County, Ohio in 1834. Homesteaded farm in Whitley County Indiana in 1838. Would like information on Martin’s parents, etc.

Irish Clelands From: Date: 16/11/98 Time: 8:12:55 Remote Name:

Comments Mary Cleland, b.c. 1750, N. Ireland m. Botetourt Co., VA 1774, John Harley also b.c. 1750 N. Ireland. Both arrived NY 1770. She d. Nov 26, 1827 Washington Co., VA. John Harley in Rev. War. He d. Jan 11, 1825 Washington Co., VA. Seek parents of both.

Clelands in Canada From: Carol Cleland Truesdell Date: 29/12/98 Time: 1:23:19 Remote Name:

Comments Researching Cleland family who settled in Argenteuil County (Lachute), Quebec, Canada. Contact <>

Margaret Clelland of  New Kilpatrick, Scotland 1881 From: Karen Goggin Date: 30/11/98 Time: 14:31:06 Remote Name:

Comments Hello Friends, My Grandmother was Margaret Clelland born May 10, 1881 New Kilpatrick, Scotland to Margaret and John Clelland, Grand daughter of Alexander Clelland. Margaret married Alexander Florance and immigrated to Calgary, Canada. She had one daughter Margaret Clelland Florance born Feb. 07, 1909 Calgary, Canada. Family later moved to Drumheller, Canada and then to Los Angeles, California. Clelland family in Scotland was last living in or near Glasgow as pictures taken on holiday each year were taken in Glasgow studio. Have pictures of 1800’s Clelland family in Scotland.

A note of interest, Mom’s Clelland family always wore the dress plaid of the Stewarts, both in Canada and Scotland. Does anyone know the relationship between the Stewarts and Clellands? I would greatly appreciate making contact with any related family or anyone with history of the Clelland Family. Many Thanks, Karen Goggin

Kneeland (Kneland) family From: Sharon Wilson Date: 3/01/99 Time: 5:54:57 Remote Name:

Comments Hi–My great grandmother was Evelena Kneeland. Her line tracks back to Alexander Kneland of Lanarkshire, Scotland. I am eager to hear from any of the other Kneeland’s, especially hailing from NY where my great grandmother was born in 1879. Her mother died when she was 2, but I believe she had a sister, Hattie, and a half brother, Howard.

Re: Kneeland offspring in Illinois From: Date: 3/16/02 Time: 6:42:54 AM Remote Name:

Comments Hi Doug I am the 5th generation great granddaughter of Abner Kneeland. Abner is the older brother of your grandfather, Silas Kneeland. I like your web site. You have done very well for a beginner. One thing you need to include on your web site is your sources of information. I can help you with your research, etc. I am not a professional yet but I have lots of experience. We have been doing family research for many years and have been working as volunteers in our local Family History Center (FHC) for almost 19 years now. Where do you live in Illinois? We live in Lake County. Please write to me by email. Rebecca

Thanks for the Great Site From: Karen Goggin Date: 30/11/98 Time: 14:37:27 Remote Name:

Comments This is a wonderful site. Thanks for all your hard work and commitment. Many Thanks from all of us researching our Clelland families. Best Regards, Karen Goggin

Cleland’s or Clelland’s – N.E.of England From: Hazel Wood  (Clelland) – 17/02/1999 Date: 18/02/99 Time: 6:26:04 Remote Name:

Comments Having recently decided to trace my family tree, I would be grateful for any information regarding any Clelland’s who settled in the north-east of England, particularly in the Gateshead area. I believe that they hailed from Scotland but my great-grandfather (Hugh Cleland) was born in Northern Ireland in 1878. I am sure you will understand about the different spellings of the name. I have found the web-site to be very interesting and informative. Thank you. Hazel Wood.

Re: Kneeland offspring in Illinois From: cyril gabriel Date: 3/24/02 Time: 6:51:31 AM Remote Name:

Comments Nancy Kneeland was my great grandfather s sisters and I have many photos of her and her family. if interested I will send them to you. phone no. 541 928 6451 or address 1845 clay street s. e. #24,albany Oregon 97321 if call after 6 pm pacific time

Re: Thanks for the Great Site From: Date: 20/02/99 Time: 0:09:04 Remote Name:

Comments My maiden name was Cleland, bit of Trivia for you, I’m from Northern Ireland and re your Grandfather Hugh Cleland, I’ve a brother called Hugh, had a Great Uncle Hugh (died 1994), 2 2nd cousins also Hugh, must be a family name, along with David, George and Robert (in our branch of the Clelands anyway!)

Cassandra Clelland 1741 Maryland Clellands In S.C. From: Donnis Key Date: 4/6/02 Time: 2:45:11 PM Remote Name:

Comments My Gx3 grandmother was Ann THOMAS Young (1825-1908), the granddaughter of Josephus and Elizabeth THOMAS of Newberry, SC. Her sister, Permelia (or Amelia) THOMAS married John CLELLAND. John’s family along with his sister in law, Ann or Annie were in 1850 De Kalb Co. GA. Any information about what became of this particular CLELLAND family would be very greatly appreciated.

From: Rich Coutu Date: 3/9/99 Time: 5:05:51 PM Remote Name:

Comments Cassandra Clelland born Oct. 25,1841 in Montgomery County, Maryland daughter of Thomas Cleland and Jane Smith. She also had a sister named Mary. any information on her parents or siblings would be appreciated.

Re: JOHN CLELAND, BORN 2/19/1839 South Carolina My Cleland Ancestors From: Cheryl Gibson Anchorage, AK Date: 4/11/02 Time: 3:23:32 AM Remote Name:

Comments Hello,

I have the following information. Generation No. 1

1. Nancy CLELAND, born Unknown in Newberry County, South Carolina; died Abt. 1883 in Near Cave Springs, Benton County, Arkansas. She was the daughter of 2. Robert CLELAND and 3. Agnes Nancy ??????. She married (1) Absolem BUTLER Abt. 1818 in South Carolina. He was born Abt. 1794 in South Carolina, and died Bet. 23 January – 05 December 1865 in Benton County, Arkansas. He was the son of James Franklin BUTLER and Agnes (JOHNSON or GUTHERIE.

Generation No. 2

2. Robert CLELAND, born Unknown in ?; died Unknown in ?. He married 3. Agnes Nancy ?????? Unknown. 3. Agnes Nancy ??????, born Unknown; died Unknown. Child of Robert CLELAND and Agnes ?????? is: 1 I. Nancy CLELAND, born Unknown in Newberry County, South Carolina; died Abt. 1883 in Near Cave Springs, Benton County, Arkansas; married Absolem BUTLER Abt. 1818 in South Carolina.

I would love any information that might make the connection between these Clelands in America and Clelands in Scotland.

Thank you,


From: Bruce Date: 29/10/2000 Time: 11:37:55 AM Remote Name:

Comments I’m trying to locate a descendant of Eliza Cleland. My great grandfather was William Hill Blair and his wife Mary Gowdy (maiden name) from Janesville, Wisconsin. My grandmother was Emma Agnes Beech-Audley (maiden name). Like the Blair family the Cleland Family appears to be another big undertaking of who’s who and when. Could you point me in the right direction. I have a copy of the book “Cleland Cousins” put out by Samuel and Jane (Martin) Cleland if that is of any help for a reference of descendants.

Thank you


From: Donald L. Fisher, Portland, Oregon Date: 3/22/99 Time: 6:59:31 AM Remote Name:

Comments On the thinnest of family legend I make this inquiry.

There is no denying that my mother’s name was Nellie Kneeland. But who her father was is another matter. He joined up with her mother, another Nellie, in California and shortly after little Nellie’s birth made himself very scarce. Knowing my grandmother I understand: scarce was my usual state of mind when around her.

He turned up years later accidentally on the streets of San Francisco when my littlest brother Will happened to strike up a conversation with a gentleman of advanced years, silver hair, and a way with hand magic or slight-of-hand he claimed to have been his ticket from Australia to the US in his youth with a touring vaudeville show. It turned out his name was Kneeland and my brother established he was in fact our grandfather, Nellie’s father.

Mr. Kneeland asked if Nellie’s mother was still living and when it was revealed she was he never showed up again on that particular street in San Francisco. Little Will claims he, Mr. Kneeland, over the years having never left San Francisco, had seen our grandmother often but had avoided her all, crossing over the street and ducking down alleys.

I am unfortunate in that I can’t find his first name, or where in Australia he hailed from. I would guess, given my mother’s age, that he may have came to the US in about 1915-20. If you know of someone in your family of Kneelands or Clelands (to an American ear the Aussie pronunciation can sound very like Cleland) who might have been this fellow I’d much appreciate any information. And if you know him, he is of course very old, but you can tell him for us that the elder Nellie has passed away and he is probably safe from her now and can show his face. Much appreciated, Donald L. Fisher

— Don Fisher, Nettlepatch Press, Web Development Division “Tender-handed stroke the nettle, And it stings you for your pains; Grasp it like a man of mettle, And it soft as silk remains.” Aaron Hill, 1685-1750

McClelland/Kerr From: Date: 11/04/99 Time: 12:31:43 Remote Name:

Comments I found your site by accident. I have been trying to find any info. about my gt.grand mother Agnes McClelland (McLellan) who married Kenneth Kerr in Glasgow, Scotland on January 1st, 1879. Has anyone some info. Thanks for any help.

Anna Wallace (nee McClelland, Kerr, McAllister)

hello From: Brant Cleland Date: 13/11/2000 Time: 7:48:25 AM Remote Name:

Comments Hi I am sending this from Alberta, Canada and I am a Cleland. I am looking for any one who would share any information with me about my clan. If you can help my e-mail address is

“Cleeland” an alternate spelling? From: Chris Cleeland <> Date: 12/04/99 Time: 22:59:01 Remote Name:

Comments I’m wondering if anybody knows if Cleeland is an alternate spelling. My great grandfather, John Cleeland (sp?) apparently emigrated from Ireland near Belfast in the late 19th century to the US. I know very little of him, except family folklore.

See my website,, for more details.

McLellan-Cleland? From: Maurine McLellan Date: 16/04/99 Time: 23:18:46 Remote Name:

Comments I found this site thanks to Clan MacLellan. What is the relationship between the Clelands and the MacLellan clans? I am DESPERATELY looking for the parents of a William MacLellan, possibly born in N. Carolina in 1759, married Francina Veazey and died in Georgia in 1824. There is an 83 year old descendant who has been searching since the 1930’s and is depending on me to find an answer before she is gone. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance, Maurine McLellan

  Samuel Dunn Cleland From: margaret  C. Miller Date: 3/12/2000 Time: 3:01:35 AM Remote Name:

Comments Please not my email address change it is now

From: K. McClelland Date: 18/04/99 Time: 14:48:43 Remote Name:

Comments Hi, I’ve been searching for information on my husbands family and I’m having NO luck at all. I know the name was McClelland as far back as 1862 but I don’t know anything before that. Here’s what I know.

James McClelland had 1 known son and 1 known daughter, Calvin and Agnes (1862). She is the last girl born a McClelland, the rest are all boys. She is buried near Memphis, TN in Millington, TN.

Calvin married Maude Violet Sullivan and had 3 sons, Howard Cecil Sr., (1899-1987), Gus, and unknown name son.

Howard Cecil Sr. married Lorine Linn and had 3 sons, Howard Jr. (1925-1970) Kenneth (1932-1997) and Robert (1934). All have sons (1 has 2 adopted children).

Howard Jr. married Blanche M. James and had 4 sons, Howard Cecil III, Richard J., Andrew W., and Timothy M. (my husband). All have a total of 8 sons)

Can anyone help us? Any info would be appreciated.

Thanks Kelly

Howard C

  Re: Any other Neelands? From: Michael Neeland Date: 3/12/2000 Time: 5:38:22 AM Remote Name:

Comments Hi My name is Mike Neeland From Alden Ny I do not know a lot about our family. All I know is that my Great Grandfather might of had a cousin in Chicago. My Grandfather’s Name was Harley Neeland. If you would like to send me info on the Neeland family tree. would be much appreciated. thank you very much my Email is

From: John Clelland Date: 21/04/99 Time: 10:06:04 Remote Name:

Comments My Father told me about this site and I just had to see it. My name is John Clelland and I live in Topeka, Kansas. I hope to get in touch with some of my Family thru this I know My father has be researching our Clan as far back as he can go. Mr. Hocknull if you read this please E-mail me so I can personally get in touch with you.

Sallie Belle Cleland and Sam

From: Alabama Date: 21/04/99 Time: 11:49:30 Remote Name:

Comments Sallie Belle Cleland, married Orlando Beale Pitman in early 1900s in the Coffeeville/Selticpa, Alabama (Clarke County). They move to Prichard, Alabama (Mobile County) between 1910 and 1920. Sallie had a brother, Sam who was sheriff of Clarke County in the 1940s. Oh, and the Clelands were one of the founding fathers of the Coffeeville area. Any body out there with any info? Deb

  Re: Any other Neelands? From: R.J. Neeland Date: 12/12/2000 Time: 4:04:00 PM Remote Name:

Comments Dear Michael,

You are not the only Neeland descendent who may have migrated to the US by way of Ireland and Canada. I am the 5th generation of Neelands that have lived in Michigan. I know of another family of Neelands in the northern lower peninsula. There are Neelands in the phone book in Kansas City, MO. The genealogy that I have indicates that the Neeland family came to America by way of many different routes. The route you mentioned, I am trying to verify. I know I have relatives that reside this day in Canada. I wish you the best.


R.J. Neeland

From: Alan Kneeland Date: 25/04/99 Time: 5:50:50 Remote Name:

Comments I have been quite interested in the Kneeland (Cleland) family and have been trying to do some research, albeit very limited, into the family. I have a copy of Stillman Foster Kneelands’ book and have directly traced my family back to Alexander Kneland as the beginning of the family.

I am interested in corresponding with others in the family. By the way, most of Stillman’s book has been saved electronically by me on one of the family history programs which would be available to any family member who is interested.

I am very interested in the location of a supplier for the “Cleland” tartan and/or a kilt made of it.

“Today is a great day” as I am finding a link to my past family through this site.

My e-mail address is

  From: R.J. Neeland Date: 12/12/2000 Time: 4:04:25 PM Remote Name:

Comments Dear Michael,

You are not the only Neeland descendent who may have migrated to the US by way of Ireland and Canada. I am the 5th generation of Neelands that have lived in Michigan. I know of another family of Neelands in the northern lower peninsula. There are Neelands in the phone book in Kansas City, MO. The genealogy that I have indicates that the Neeland family came to America by way of many different routes. The route you mentioned, I am trying to verify. I know I have relatives that reside this day in Canada. I wish you the best.


R.J. Neeland

From: Lori Cleland Date: 26/04/99 Time: 7:40:26 Remote Name:

Comments My family lived in Lachute, Quebec. Why are you searching for Lachute Cleland’s?


  Hugh, William Clelland. born Dalry Ayrshire Scotland From: Jean Black, Date: 15/12/2000 Time: 9:27:07 AM Remote Name:

Comments I am looking for information on Hugh Clelland Married Margaret Sheddon 1798 Dalry Ayrshire; Hugh Clelland born 1821 Dalry, married Janet Donaldson 1847, Dalry, Ayrshire; William Clelland b.1799 Dalry Ayrshire married Isabella Crawford 1821 Dalry Ayrshire. David Clelland b1824 Dalry, married Margaret Orr and moved to Illinois. I would like to hear from anyone with information on any of these people and their spouses.

From: Jennifer Date: 27/04/99 Time: 11:01:12 Remote Name:

Comments I am looking for information on my maternal grandfather and his parents. his name was George cleland, his fathers name was Alex cleland.] he was married to Stella mcgillacutty(?). if anyone has any info on Alex I would really appreciate it. thanks

  Cleland – Scotland From: Alexander Cleland, Edinburgh Date: 29/12/2000 Time: 11:23:27 PM Remote Name:

Comments Not much chat/information from any Clelands still living in Scotland. How many of you are still around. I know my family to 3rd/4th cousins. How about the others in Scotland posting some info.

From: Date: 28/04/99 Time: 23:27:34 Remote Name:

Comments My grandfather, Alexander Cleland was born in Scotland and later moved to the United States. My father Donald Ritchie Cleland was born in Springfield IL in 1906. They moved to the NY-NJ area where my grandfather worked at Ellis Island before his death in the early 1950’s. My father had a sister Margaret who died at an early age. Can anyone shed some light on my family? Please reply to Thanks Alexandra J. Cleland Nikolaus

Kneelands in New York From: Beth Kneeland Pickett, Date: 5/8/99 Time: 10:28:15 AM Remote Name:

Comments Hello, Sharon!

My father, David R. Kneeland, hails from Hamilton, Ontario. We’re part of the Alexander Kneeland line; I’ve got the “seven generations” book but haven’t pulled it out recently. Have you seen it? It may provide you with some of the information you’re looking for.

Cheers, Beth

Cleland-Scotland From: William Clelland Date: 31/12/2000 Time: 7:14:42 AM Remote Name:

Comments Hi there! There are plenty of Cleland and Clelland families in the Parish of Lesmahagow, Lanarkshire but not so many in the Edinburgh area. If you have any specific questions regarding the family Cleland or Clelland, let’s have them and I’m sure we will be able to help you. A Happy New Year to you. Regards, William.

Happy New Year From: John Clelland Hocknull Date: 1/01/2001 Time: 1:29:02 AM Remote Name:

Comments A Happy New Year to all and I am greatly encouraged by the response to the first electronic newsletter. Thank you for your comments and I’m working on the next. For those who didn’t receive one please send me an email to the above address and I will send it through immediately. As you can see from the last couple of entries in this section of the web site there are still a few minor problems but go into all the entries and you might find something of interest other than the heading. Again cheers and all the best for 2001 and lets see if we can get at least another 3000 hits this year. John Clelland Hocknull Founder Clan Cleland Society

  clelland/Cleland’s in Kilsyth–queenzieburn From: GARRY CLELLAND–QUEENZIEBURN, KILSYTH, GLASGOW Date: 7/01/2001 Time: 10:39:37 AM Remote Name:


Irish Connection From: John C Hocknull Date: 22/06/99 Time: 9:02:34 Remote Name:

Comments The web site should be updated soon to include some information on the Irish connection. Look under United Kingdom for this information.

Re: looking for my cleland roots From: GARRY CLELLAND–QUEENZIEBURN, KILSYTH, GLASGOW Date: 7/01/2001 Time: 10:51:12 AM Remote Name:


JOHN CLELAND, BORN 2/19/1839 South Carolina From: (Thomas Earl Cleland) Date: 26/06/99 Time: 8:34:39 Remote Name:

Comments John Cleland moved to Pierce Co., Georgia, and died their about 1910. Seeking information on death and burial site.



Re: Margaret Clelland of  New Kilpatrick, Scotland 1881 From: Claude P. Wrathall Date: 27/06/99 Time: 10:07:35 Remote Name:

Comments I have been researching the Cleland line in Ayrshire, particularly in Loudoun. I have a John Cleland, b. 1863 the son of Alexander Clelland and Christina Findlay. I do not know if or who John married.

Clelands in Minnesota From: Date: 9/01/2001 Time: 4:13:25 PM Remote Name:

Comments Greetings:) My name is Jeannette Cleland and I am looking for any information regarding the history of this string of Clelands. There are a ton of us Clelands here in Minnesota, but I have no idea where we came from. What I do know is this…

My father is Alfred Earl Cleland (Born in 1947, Minneapolis, MN) he has 4 sisters and 2 brothers, my grandfather is Earl Taylor Cleland (Born in 1924?, Minneapolis, MN) he has 2 sisters and 2 brothers, my great-grandfather is Earl R. Cleland.

That is all I know, if anyone has any information regarding this part of the Cleland family it would be greatly appreciated! Thank You:)

Clelands in Minnesota From: Date: 9/01/2001 Time: 3:42:44 PM Remote Name:

Comments Greetings:) There are a ton of us Cleland’s here in Minnesota, although I have no idea as to where we came from.

What I do know is this…My father’s name is Alfred Earl Cleland (born in Minneapolis, MN 1947) and he has 4 sisters and 2 brothers, his father is Earl Taylor Cleland (born in Minneapolis, MN 1924?) he has 2 sisters and 2 brothers, and his father was Earl R. Cleland.

If anyone knows any information further information regarding this part of the Cleland Farm, it would be greatly appreciated! Thank you:)

Cleland Families in Loudoun, Ayrshire, Scotland From: Claude P. Wrathall Date: 27/06/99 Time: 10:12:52 Remote Name:

Comments John Cleland and Agnes Breckenridge appear to have moved into Loudoun in the 1770s or early 1780s. With the help of many other researchers, I have identified 7 children and hundreds of descendants.

If anyone know about the parents of this couple, please contact me. The new LDS site, Family Search, identifies parents, but I don’t believe the information is correct.

Alexander Cleland From: Date: 29/06/99 Time: 10:21:42 Remote Name:

Comments I am searching for information on my Grandfathers roots. He was born Alexander Cleland on March 13, 1877. He arrived in the United States in 1903, I believe in located in the Springfield, IL area. He was first employed as the Industrial Secretary for the Central YMCA in Chicago Il. from 1904 to 1906. In 1906 he relocated to the New York area. He has a sister named Margaret, who was younger than he, and who died at a young age. If you can shed any light on this, please reply. I was just 3 when he died, and my parents have also passed on and cannot shed any light on this. Thank you.

Re: Discussion Page From: Joan Conboy Date: 3/07/99 Time: 14:07:05 Remote Name:

Comments I am also searching the Cleland’s who settled in LaChute, Quebec originally. Any information re your family is gratefully accepted.

Clan Cleland Society Tartan From: John Clelland Hocknull J.P. (Qual) Date: 5/15/2001 Time: 5:30:14 PM Remote Name:

Comments Can all those who have some item be it a kilt, skirt, trews, jacket or tie in the Clan Cleland Tartan please send me a photo either by .jpg file or by mail and I will put it on the web site. Regards and don’t forget Tartan Day July 1st. John Clelland Hocknull J.P. (Qual) Founder

Re: looking for my cleland roots From: Mary Jane Cleeland ( Date: 30/11/99 Time: 14:21:24 Remote Name:

Comments I have a huge copy of Cleland (Cleeland, Kneland) family history tracing back to the 1340’s. I note a couple of George Cleland’s…one from New Concord, Ohio; another settled in Pasadena, CA. Are either of these areas familiar?

James Cleland son of William of Scotland From: Kathy Waters Date: 7/07/99 Time: 2:39:45 Remote Name:

Comments Looking for cousins in James Cleland line of Ga. He was born in Jamaica in 1795. He was a distinguished lawyer from Savannah and married Williamina Clarke Waters. Daughter of George M. Waters. Children George W. Cleland, Catherine Elizabeth Cleland (Howell) Letitia F. Cleland Pooler , Colding) Emily cleland (Howell) George Waters Cleland MD. lived in Cherokee Nation in Wagoner OK. Any cousins would be greatly welcomed to Waters Family. Kathy Waters.

Re: Any other Neelands? From: Ted Neelands Date: 5/17/2001 Time: 2:40:48 PM Remote Name:

Comments Hi Cousin! I am descended from the same brothers that settled around Toronto Canada in the early 1800’s. They came from county Tyrone, Ireland. My E-mail is

Lets talk more.

Ted Neelands

John Hocknull – Christmas greetings to all Clel(l)ands From: William Clelland Date: 16/12/99 Time: 9:56:04 Remote Name:

Comments Christmas Greetings and Best Wishes for the Millennium New Year to Clelands wherever you are in the world.

I have been doing some research lately and may have come across an answer to a puzzle that has bothered me for some while;

If Major William Cleland was born on 27th June 1673, son to James Cleland, merchant, and Janet Anderson, his witnesses to his birth were William Cleland and William Cleland, younger, as well as William Inglis and Robert Sympson, merchant … Extract from Old Parish Register, Edinburgh Parish, Edinburgh.

Now, can I identify these two William Clelands so that Major William can justify his connection to Alexander Cleland, son of James, 13th of that Ilk? From the Record of Sasines for the Sheriffdom of Lanark, Volume 1, 1618-1720, there is an entry William Cleland, son of Alexander Cleland, son of James Cleland of that Ilk (R.S 40)v.105 : (R.S 42)iii.400. This would make William Cleland the eldest son of Alexander, successor to his father, entitling him to inherit the estate of Cleland, which he later gives away. From South Carolina comes the family tree of Alexander Cleland of that Ilk with a branch to William Cleland and through him to William Cleland. The elder would be born about 1621 after Alexander’s wedding circa 1620 ; the younger born circa 1650. Could the younger be the Edinburgh merchant, married 18/8/1670 to Barbara Fullerton? They have a son William (not the Major) born 29/8/1675 at whose birth is witness James Cleland, chirurgeon. Major William’s father is given as James Cleland, merchant. For him to get his descent from Alexander could this James Cleland, merchant, be a brother of William Cleland, merchant? This could give William, younger, as an uncle and William, senior, as grandfather, the two Williams on Major Williams’ birth certificate. Major William is recorded as having said “Edinburgh is the place of my birth and where I received my education”. He also said “my mother is my only acquaintance left in Edinburgh”. This would surely rule out the suggestion that he was the last born to James Cleland and Janet Hendrysone (Henderson) who had previously had six children before 1671, all bar one witnessed by Robert Sympson, merchant. Major William left Edinburgh in 1697 and travelled in Europe during which time his mother died. In 1703 he joined the army. The Register of Sasines mentions James Cleland, merchant in Edinburgh (R.S 42)vii,57,58,59. His daughter Katherine is also mentioned. I would imagine it would say who James’ father was. If it says John of Overtoun (1594-1656) then James, merchant, of Pitdinnes (1625-1697), married to Janet Henderson (11/11/1658) would be the James in the R of Sasines. James C of Pitdinnes did have a daughter Katherine. It very much looked as if James C, married to Janet Anderson, had an only son. Major William, whose father died before William was 24 years old, i.e. before August 1697, leaving Williams mother as only relative. James of Pitdinnes died 16/9/1697. I note that the Register of Sasines gives John of Overtoun as husband of Elizabeth Summers. They have a son William who has a son John, whose spouse is Marion Inglis. Do you have anything definite yet about Major William, Commissioner of Customs, Lanark and the Commissioner of Taxes, London, (1673-1741)?

I gather you were in the USA recently; any progress in finding the missing link?

Kind Regards

William Clelland c.o.

Western Canadian Clelands From: Ray Jones Date: 8/11/99 Time: 11:41:23 Remote Name:

Comments My mothers family comes from West Lothian Scotland and she is looking for a cousin of hers who settled in either Winnipeg or Revelstoke. The cousin came from Torphican. Her fathers name was James Cleland and was a Blacksmith by trade. As far as she remembers the relative joined either the RCMP or the local Police Force. If anyone fits this description please contact me at

James and Robert Cleland of South Carolina From: Amy (Cleland) Gilreath Date: 15/10/99 Time: 7:28:05 Remote Name:

Comments I am searching for the parents of James and Robert Cleland, brothers who were in the 1790 Census of Newberry County, South Carolina … Will share what information I have on the families of these two men …

Kneeland offspring in Illinois From: Doug Howard Date: 14/07/99 Time: 8:32:11 Remote Name:

Comments John Hocknull suggested I post the information regarding my Scottish heritage here as I have emailed him regarding Clan Cleland association. The numbers below represent numbered cards researched and compiled by my late father.

I am very new at this so excuse me if I don’t know quite what I’m doing. So here goes.


Doug Howard email – ——-

22) I am Douglas Brian Howard – son of

21) Homer Henselt Howard – born 1907 Illinois US, (married Olga W. Larsen) – son of

20) Homer Helmick Howard – Born 1889 Kansas US (married Helen Bradley) – son of

19) Giles P. Howard – Born 1862 Kansas US (married Laura C. Gregg) – son of

18) Nancy Kneeland Howard – Born 1826 (married Cyrus G. Howard) – daughter of

17) Silas Kneeland – Born 1793 Fayston, Vt US – son of

16) Timothy Kneeland – Born 1737 Topsfield, Mass US (married Mariah Stone) – son of

15) Joseph Kneeland – Born 1704 Ipswich, Mass US (married Marriam Alden) – son of

14) Capt. Edward Kneeland – Born 1677 Ipswich, Mass USA (married Mary Alden, 2nd. daughter of Capt, Timothy Alden, a son of John Alden and Priscilla Mullins of Plymouth (the Mayflower Group)) – son of

13) Edward Kneeland – born 1640 (fought in early US colonial wars) (married Martha Fowler) – son of

12) Edward Kneeland – Born 1580 – son of

11) Capt. John Kneland – Born 1550 at Kneland Manor in Lanarkshire and had several children all of whom came to the new world (friend of Queen Mary) (married Mary Dunbar) – son of

10) Maj. William Kneland – Honored with coat of arms from Mary, Queen of Scots – son of

9) James Kneland – Eminent in the court of King James V (married daughter of Hepburn of Bonnytown) – son of

8) Alexander Kneland of Kneland – Friend of King James IV of Scotland and killed at Battle of Flodden Sept 9, 1513 – son of

7) WM. Kneland – Married Jean Somerville, Daughter of Wm. de Somerville in 1462 to whom were born 4 sons and 4 heads of 4 families: K of Faskine, K of Monkland, K of Cartness, and K of Kneland – son of

6) William Kneland – Great Hunter and witness in 1445 to charter of the lands of Watson, granted James, Lord Hamilton, to Sir Wm. Baillie – son of

5) John Kneland – Heard of in the conflict of Harlow on May 17, 1412 – son of

4) John Kneland Jr. (also spelled Jno. Kinieland) wounded while leading a band of Scots at Battle of Poitiers in 1357, which lead to the treaty of Berwick, Oct. 3, 1357 – eldest son of

3) John Kneland – fought with father in battle of Bannockburn under Robert Bruce. Captured with the reining monarch, David the 2nd. at Battle of Durham Oct. 17, 1346 – son of

2) James Kneland – first cousin of Sir. William Wallace whom he joined in 1296 to free Scotland at Battle of Loudoun Hill, Stirling, Sept. 13, 1297 and Falkirk on July 22, 1298. After Wallace’s death her served Bruce and was wounded at Battle of Bannockburn – eldest son of

1) Alexander Kneland – born about 1225 and married Margaret Wallace, aunt of Sir William Wallace, whom he was teacher of (spoken of as “parson O’Gowrie.”)

Re: Any other Neelands? From: Chip McVickar Date: 5/18/2001 Time: 2:32:09 PM Remote Name:

Comments Hello William Clelland,

From your comments it appears you’re located in Scotland…. Parish of Lesmahagow, Lanarkshire.

Can you tell me if any original dwellings of the Kneland/Cleland Barony still exists…?

I’m descended from Capt. John Kneland 2nd son to Major William Kneland – died in 1567± 10th Kneland of Kneland, Barony of Calder, Lanarkshire, Scotland A sea captain, who brought two sons to the new world in 1600± where they settled in Ipswitch and Boston, Massachusetts


Alexander Cleland in Ceylon 1850’s. From: Sam Wait Date: 5/06/00 Time: 23:04:00 Remote Name:

Comments I have been trying to find information about Martha Wait Cleland and her husband Alexander Cleland. Martha’s death certificate says that Alexander was a planter. Martha’s brother, George Wait, was a coffee planter on the Peacock Estates and married Margaret Robb.

All I know is that Martha was born in North Berwick, Scotland on 14 May 1822. She had three children, all born in Ceylon: David Cleland born about 1848, Grace born about 1849 and Annie born about 1851. According to our family lore, Martha escaped from India at the time of the Lucknow Riots. By 1861 she and her children were back in North Berwick, Scotland. Martha was a widow in the 1861 census, so Alexander must have died between 1850 and 1861, probably in Ceylon. Her son, David, died 11 May 1870 in North Berwick and his death certificate also calls Alexander Cleland a planter. Martha Wait Cleland died in Edinburgh in 1899.

Any information would be greatly appreciated. Sam

Anne Cleland, daughter of James Cleland???? From: Robert Adair Date: 22/11/99 Time: 4:35:57 Remote Name:

Comments Greetings: In searching my Adair family tree I have been trying to prove information publish in a book by James Barnett Adair in Los Angeles, California 1924. The book is titles Adair History and Genealogy. Printed by Boylan and Boylan. The book was copyrighted, but I do not have an ISBN number for it. The information I specifically interested in was supplied by Helen Mar Hall of Portland Indiana. She would have been the granddaughter of James Cleland Adair. My 3great grandfather, Patrick Adair was the brother of James Cleland Adair. To quote this book, line F of the Adair Family starts with James Adair, supposedly a Baronet. I quote as follows:

1. “James Adair, Bart, of Scotch parentage, was born in Ballynahich, County Down, Ireland in 1724. He married Anne, daughter of James, Earl of Cleland. She was born in 1727on her father’s estate near Belfast, Ireland.” Progeny Listed as 5 children. a. William Adair b. Robert Adair c. John Adair d. Lavinia Adair e. Elizabeth Adair

2. ” Sir William Adair, Bart, was born in Ballynahinch, Ireland c 1752. He married Esther Smilie, who was born in Galloway County, Scotland, in 1755. The came to America in 1778 and settled in the southern part of Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania, where they remained until their death, and are buried there.” Progeny Listed as 6 Children. a. Elizabeth Adair, married Andrew Frazier and came to America in 1801. They settled in Philadelphia, later moving to Brown County, OH. Her son, James was a missionary to Syria. b. Anne Adair, married a Mr. Black and remained in Ireland. c. John Adair, who lived in Union Township, Fayette County, PA. d. James Cleland Adair, who came to America in 1803. He married Belinda Jones of Haggerstown, Maryland. e. Patrick E. Adair, married Ann Anderson, and moved to Wayne Co, Ohio f. Unknown (not listed)

If anyone has any information as to if in fact there was an Anne Cleland who married a James Adair I would appreciate hearing from them. I can be contacted via e-mail at or by snail mail at: Robert Adair, 1261 N Smyser Rd, Wooster, OH 44691

Re: looking for my cleland roots From: Date: 17/07/99 Time: 11:58:52 Remote Name:

Comments Jennifer, My grandfather was Alexander Cleland. I doubt from what I know that it is the same but thought I would reply. He had 2 children Donald and Margaret. He immigrate to the US in 1903. If this is any help to you, please reply. Alexandra Cleland Nikolaus

Samuel Cleland From: Date: 7/06/00 Time: 5:42:53 Remote Name:

Comments I am trying to trace my cleland family back to Belfast. T have info. on the family form Milan Il. My father, Prof. Herdman Cleland was born in Milan in 1869. Margaret Miller

Cleland in New York From: Mike Pearce Date: 28/11/99 Time: 5:01:11 Remote Name:

Comments I have information my family history in New York from the early 1800’s on. George Lincoln Cleland, George, Ada, all on my fathers maternal side. I have Lot’s of info and pictures, If you would like this info send email to

“NON SIBI” Take care from all of us Pearce/Cleland families In Austin, Texas


Re: McLellan-Cleland? From: Julie Battson Date: 6/19/2001 Time: 4:48:22 PM Remote Name:

Comments I understood from my Grandfather that the Clelland, McKenzie Clelland and McLellan Families were all interlinked. Our lot took McKenzie as a Christian name and Clelland as a surname and an apparently wealthy bunch took McKenzie- Clelland and moved to the London area. Sadly I was too young to really appreciate the information and to discuss it with him and am now trying to link our bit to the clan whole.

Good luck with your search.

Julie B

Clan  Cleland –gatherings in the US? From: Date: 19/06/00 Time: 6:32:19 Remote Name:

Comments Would like to know if there are any gatherings of the clans festivals this summer especially in the south and south east. Reply soonest if possible. thanks M. Cleland 6,18,00

Re: Clan Cleland-gatherings in the USA From: John Clelland Hocknull Date: 20/06/00 Time: 15:19:33 Remote Name:

Comments I suggest you contact any good news agent and order a copy of “The Scottish Banner” newspaper published in the USA. It advertises all the big gatherings in the States and Canada and I’m sure there would be one close by. You may like to set up a table for the Clelands/Knelands etc. to meet at. Regards John

Alexander Cleland, Coffee Planter From: Sam Wait Date: 22/01/00 Time: 7:23:09 Remote Name:

Comments Alexander Cleland was a coffee planter in Ceylon in the 1840’s and 1850’s. He married Martha Wait (or possibly Martha Thomson, a widow) and had David Cleland (b 1848, died 11 May 1870 in North Berwick, Scotland), Grace Cleland (b. 1849) and Annie Cleland (b 1851). All children were born in Ceylon. By the 1861 census, Martha was a widow living in North Berwick. She died in 1899 in Edinburgh. Does this ring any bells? Sam

Does Any one know of any Cleland’s in South Dakota From: Desi Cleland Date: 19/07/99 Time: 2:24:34 Remote Name:

Comments I was wondering if anybody could give me information on Cleland’s in South Dakota I am from the Chamberlain area. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

Re: Searching for McClellands-could we be Clelland’s? From: Julie Battson Date: 6/19/2001 Time: 4:51:04 PM Remote Name:

Comments I have no proof but my grandfather stated that McClelland was an abbreviation of McKenzie Clelland, hope this helps.

Knowledge of Clelands of Michigan and West Virginia From: Richard Solgot Date: 24/01/00 Time: 2:41:59 Remote Name:

Comments My mother’s maiden name was Cleland. She was married to Harold Solgot and they lived in St. Clair, MI; Port Huron, MI; Marine City, MI;, Detroit, MI. She died in 1954 when I was a mere 5 years old. Alas, my memory and knowledge of her background is somewhat limited.

I do know that she had sisters nicknamed “Jo” and “Bub”, and a brother named Ray.

I remember as a lad having to visit some of her family in W. Virginia near some coal mines.

Sorry, I can’t provide too much more, but if anyone has any bits of info it would be greatly appreciated!


Richard Solgot

Sally Cleland m. Dowden From: Date: 19/07/99 Time: 9:09:43 Remote Name:

Comments I am searching for information on my ancestor Sally Cleland, b. circa 1743 in, I believe, KY in USA, who married Thomas Dowden, b. 1742. They were the parents of Martha Dowden, b. 1770, who married Simon Kenton, about whom the book THE FRONTIERSMAN was written. Thanks for any help.

Clelland-Goodfellow Canada From: Patricia Miller Date: 6/24/2001 Time: 6:32:45 PM Remote Name:

Comments I have Agnes Clelland daughter of James Clelland and Christian Thomson. Agnes was born Aug 14, 1832. I would like to find out more about these Clellands but don’t know where to start. Robert and Agnes are my great great grandparents. Robert was born in Valcartier Canada. Thank you.

Cleveland From: Brenda Malone Date: 22/06/00 Time: 15:59:25 Remote Name:

Comments My grandfather was a Cleveland and I am searching for a little history. I understand that the Cleveland is a branch of the Cleland Clan. I’ve only just begin my search so I have little information other than his family was of Scotch-Irish (Ulster-Scots. If you have any information on any of the Clevelands I would appreciate what you may have. Thank you for any assistance. I can be reached by e-mail at

Re: looking for my cleland roots From: Richard Solgot Date: 24/01/00 Time: 2:54:15 Remote Name:

Comments Hi-

My name is Richard Solgot, son of Valenta Cleland and Harold Solgot. You might want to email my sister (Jean DeRegnacourt) at to see if she has any info for you.

Best wishes! Rick

Clan Clelland From: Ian Daniel Clelland Date: 22/07/99 Time: 2:16:27 Remote Name:

Comments Dear All Just found the Clan Cleland website and very pleased to have discovered it .My grandfather Daniel Clelland died last year aged 95 .He was a miner who was born , lived and died in and around Coatbridge Scotland .Over the years he told me many things about the Clelland’s and always intimated to me that our family had had a great past but had fallen on hard times two generations earlier .Anybody out there would like to discuss this . Best Regards Ian Clelland

re. Goodfellow-Clelland Canada From: Patricia Miller Date: 6/24/2001 Time: 6:39:53 PM Remote Name:

Comments I forgot to state that Roberts last name was Goodfellow. He was first married to Catherine Conn then to Agnes Clelland who I am to understand was his cousin.

Family History From: Bill Cleland   e-mail address moparfreaks Date: 31/01/00 Time: 3:41:35 Remote Name:

Comments My name is Bill L. Cleland born January 9,1953 in Fort Ord, California U.S.A. My father’s name was Bill Clyde Cleland born August 1,1930 I believe in the state of Minnesota, U.S.A. He died as the result of an industrial accident at the Boeing airplane plant on September 9,1990 in Auburn Washington, U.S.A. He has a sister, Doris Baumann who is still living in Minnesota I believe. His father’s name was Clyde Cleland. I believe he was Irish. He died approximately 1955. Does this help anyone to help me find my family history? Thank-you, Bill L. Cleland

Question regarding Clelland Clan tartan From: Robyn Clelland Date: 6/25/2001 Time: 4:48:16 PM Remote Name:

Comments Is the tartan displayed on this site the only tartan for our clan? I ask this because I did a search on a site at the weekend which turned up a red tartan as the Clelland tartan??

From: John Clelland Hocknull J.P. (Qual) Date: 6/27/2001 Time: 2:48:18 AM Remote Name:

Comments The tartan you found was probably the MacNab tartan wrongly attributed to the Cleland/Clellands.

Hi  everyone! From: lubbock, texas Date: 17/03/00 Time: 12:56:20 Remote Name:

Comments hi everyone I just decided to check up on my family tree and I have found this site and I think its great if any other Clelands want to chat or e-mail my address is:

Re: Clan Clelland From: Pam McAlpine Lenhart Date: 25/07/99 Time: 16:11:15 Remote Name:

Comments I am interested in your posting regarding Daniel Clelland. My GG grandfather was George Clelland born 1819 in Lesmahagow, who married Isabella Ballantyne in 1848, Muirhead farm in the Parish of Hamilton. His son-in-law and grandsons were all miners who moved to US in 1880s. The name Daniel was used in several generations following. I may be grasping at straws here, but does any of this connect to your info.

Re: Thanks for the Great Site From: Glynis Wrightson (nee Boyle) Date: 6/26/2001 Time: 5:16:40 PM Remote Name:

Comments My father was Edward Boyle and his mother was JANE CLELLAND who was married to Edward (Ned) Boyle whose family came from Kilkenny in Ireland. They had my dad, his brother Alec and sisters Mary and Margaret and they lived in Lemmington, Newcastle on Tyne. My dad was born in 1927 and was their third child so I think Ned and Jane must have been married in approx. 1920.

Any help? (or to anyone else?)

Ancient Family of Cleland From: Sarah J C(leland) Webster Date: 28/06/00 Time: 2:34:36 Remote Name:

Comments Fascinating website. Most enjoyable. Had no idea the name had been altered to so many different spellings.

Looking forward to reading more!

Helen Cleland, b. ca. 1702, Edinburgh From: Ginny Oswald Date: 18/03/00 Time: 3:29:03 Remote Name:

Comments I am a Bruce (my grandmother), looking for information about Helen Cleland, born about 1702 in Edinburgh (probably) Scotland. She married Charles (William?) Bruce 30 Jul 1727. He was a glazier and built a house called Bruce Nocke or Bruce Hill just west of Edinburgh in Corstorphine parish. Their children were: Charles (6 sep 1749) James (1 Sep 1733 (HRH Army) Normand (2 Mar 1733) emigrated to Maryland ca. 1758 Andrew (chr. 15 Sep 1744) emigrated to MD ca. 1758 Selkirk or Selkrig (4 Jul 1751) married Robert Dods 20 Jan 1774 and emigrated to MD in 1780s or 90s) Katherine (?) married Thomas Heriot 19 Dec 1762. Does anyone have any info on Helen Cleland? Was she the daughter of James Cleland and Helen Selkirk (m. 5 Apr. 1696)? Any information would be greatly appreciated!! I can provide info on two of her children – Normand and Andrew (mine) from about 1758 on. Ginny Oswald]

Re: Clan Clelland From: Ian Daniel Clelland Date: 29/07/99 Time: 1:42:33 Remote Name:

Comments Pam Good Afternoon, Just read your reply , thanks . Short answer is I don’t know .My father Daniel Clelland is down for the weekend and I will ask him if any of your information rings bells .I will also ask my aunt Betty Clelland up in Scotland when I next speak to her .Got to be some connection – Lesmahagow , Hamilton , Coatbridge ,Monkland – are all within a stones throw . Best Regards Ian

Re: Clellands of NE England  – (Hazel Wood) From: Glynis Wrightson (nee Boyle) Date: 6/26/2001 Time: 5:26:54 PM Remote Name:

Comments I posted a reply to the above which wrongly came up under the title “Thanks for a great site”. So Hazel it’s for you! Hope it’s helpful.


Re: Clan Clelland From: Date: 18/07/00 Time: 2:54:59 Remote Name:

Comments My name is Mollie Craig Gallo and we are researching the Cleland branch of our family. We can go back to a Henry Cleland who met and married a Mary Young, daughter of James Young and Margaret Hossie in Stirling Scotland. Henry and Mary were married 10/30/1826. James Young and Margaret Hossie were married 7/17/1787. I believe Henry cleland was a surgical instrument maker and (less certain) I believe his father was William Cleland, a banker. Henry and Mary had 8 children including James Cleland who immigrated to the U.S. 1863 and settled in Detroit, Michigan where he had a dentistry practice for over 40 years. Does anyone have any connections to this branch of the Cleland clan? E-mail me at

Alexander Cleland m Margaret Aittoune 7 Dec 1651 From: Date: 19/07/00 Time: 1:37:31 Remote Name:

Comments Does anyone know where Alexander fits into the Cleland line? He married Margaret/Margret Aitoune/ Aittoune in Edinburgh 7 Dec 1651, and had 5 (that I know) children: John, Katherine, Margaret, Alexander, and James, who married Helen Selkirk 4 May 1696. They had a number of children, including Helen, who married Charles Bruce. Thanks!! Ginny Oswald (Oswalds are also from Edinburgh and Penicuik)

Helen Clelland From: Jane Date: 29/07/00 Time: 6:53:19 Remote Name:

Comments Am looking for information on Helen Clelland b. Abt. 1704?, who married Charles William Bruce b. 170 of “Bruce Hill” Edinburgh Parish, Edinburgh, Midlothian Scotland. They had six/seven children, 3 of whom immigrated to the U.S. about 1749 Those who immigrated— Normand, Andrew, and Selkirk Bruce) Dodd. I am a descendent of Normand Bruce and Elizabeth M. Scott of Carroll co. MD If anyone has any information on Helen, it would be greatly appreciated.(

  Re: Cassandra Clelland 1741 Maryland From: Bill Longfellow, Vicksburg, Ms.,7/8/2001 Date: 7/8/2001 Time: 10:35:52 AM Remote Name:

Comments Is this the same family as Catherine Cleland who married John Balch 1659, Maryland Colony? Info on this branch greatly appreciated.

Laverne Bellamare From: John C Hocknull Date: 29/07/99 Time: 8:57:48 Remote Name:

Comments Does anyone have an email address for Laverne Bellamare, Clan Cleland Society member, last known address 5802 – 12 Ave,EDSON,Alberta,T7E 1X2,Canada. I have some information for her about a common ancestor. Regards John

Relatives of Herbert Cleland b1914 Belfast From: Malcolm Cleland – Date: 2/08/00 Time: 1:53:24 Remote Name:

Comments Looking for relatives of Herbert, who left Belfast in 1930s to live in England. He had four brothers (Gerald, Percy, Raymond and Cecil) and two sisters (Ruby & Eileen). His father was John Cleland and his mother Annie Hyndman. If you have any info. please email me.

  County Down Clelands From: Peter Cleland Date: 8/6/2001 Time: 8:07:51 PM Remote Name:

Comments Greetings from New Zealand. My father immigrated from County Down Nth Ireland about 46 years ago. His name was David Matthew Cleland. Dad has 1 older brother, William Johnston Cleland and a younger sister, Margret Anne Jane. My Grandfather was also David Mathew Cleland and married Elizabeth Johnston from Belfast. They lived in Magharolone, County Down. Grandad was the second youngest of five children to Mathew (Matha) Cleland and Elizabeth McIlroy. Their children were William Cleland (no Children) David Mathew Cleland (three children to Elizabeth Johnston and a further two children to May Spencer, Gibson and Sandy).

That’s pretty well all I know. Can anyone help me further with any family connections???

My email is

Re: Clan Clelland From: Thomas Cleland Date: 8/7/2001 Time: 11:02:47 AM Remote Name:

Comments The cleland tartan circa 1989 is a modern invention. Historically Lowland Scots did not have a tartan, they were the preserve of the Highland Clans. The MACNAB clan of which we are a sept or roughly affiliated means at some time we might have fought alongside or in some way allied to the MacNab clan and having no tartan of our own would be allowed to wear the MacNab tartan. Perhaps the Scottish Historical Society (?) maybe able to help you find out when exactly the Clelands ‘got cosy’ with the MacNabs. There were many lowland families that have similar relationships with the great highland clans. Kind regards, Tom

  From: John Clelland Hocknull J.P. (Qual) Date: 8/9/2001 Time: 5:18:55 PM Remote Name:

Comments The Clelands or Knelands were never affiliated with the MacNabs. The MacNab Clan Chief wrote and told me that himself. The alignment was made by a tailor who had to move some tartan and some Clelands, understandably not knowing any better, were sucked in. The Clan Cleland Society Tartan was designed by the members of the Society and it was with their approval that it was registered. The fact that we now have our own tartan is of great importance to all. The original spelling of the name being Kneland and very soon after the first written record shows it changing to Cleland is a matter of much research. One thing that is ABSOLUTELY correct is that we have nothing to do with the MacNabs. John Clelland Hocknull J.P. (Qual) Founder CCS

  From: Thomas Cleland Date: 8/9/2001 Time: 8:21:47 PM Remote Name:

Comments Dear John, What you said is very interesting and I would like to know if you have the information when this tailor made this scurrilous sale. The reason being at least in my family the MacNab was thought to be the tartan and is still written up as such in many of the tartan reference books. It was only when a friend of mine was checking out tartans on the web and told me there was a Cleland tartan. I nearly fell off my chair, remembering as a child thinking-“why can’t we have our own tartan I don’t even know any MacNabs!” In fact going to a Scottish function, armed with this new info I looked desperately in a number of shops to no avail. Obviously your family have put a lot of hard work into getting a tartan and registering it. Could you tell me what inspired its current form? In addition I have a printed edition of the “The Ancient Family of Cleland” and would happily scan it or part of it on to the net at some stage if anyone was interested. I also have a collection of silver with the family crest c.1750’s. Interestingly their are subtle variations in the engraving and I was wondering is there a register of family crests to ascertain which is correct? regards Tom Cleland

  From: John Clelland Hocknull J.P. (Qual) Date: 8/10/2001 Time: 6:35:53 PM Remote Name:

Comments Tom, Email me on as a reply would take up too much space in this medium. Have a look on the site under tartan and that will give you the bases of how things happened. Regards, John Clelland Hocknull J.P. (Qual)

John Cleland b.1874 From: Margaret C.Miller Date: 8/17/2001 Time: 2:45:05 PM Remote Name:

Comments Does anyone know anything about John Cleland He homesteaded near Norfork, Nebraska and had a son Charles?

Rose-Clelands of County Down From: Date: 8/28/2001 Time: 12:50:04 PM Remote Name:

Comments Does anyone know of descendants of Richard Rose-Cleland of County Down

No Mystery as to who The Head of  Family of Cleland is From: Thomas Cleland Date: 8/30/2001 Time: 5:34:49 AM Remote Name:

Comments It is with some amusement that that there seems a dispute about who Cleland of that Ilk or the “Chief” is (even though the Head of the family has never been referred to as a chief maybe I’m just a traditionalist). Anyway, considering that Walter Cleland (1763-1808) had the matter investigated in 1800 by one John Brown of 23 Carnaby St. Carnaby Squ., London with consultation of Nisbet’s Heraldry and other books and the matter was settled and sealed with the Cleland of Cleland Seal containing Supporters which clearly indicates that he was the Head of the Family (18th.Generation)at that time. The following succession is well documented to the 26th.Generation who is one John Goodhart Cleland born 1942 (son of William Paton Cleland). Currently residing in England On another point it would be unwise to suggest Prof. JB Cleland an eminent scientist and medico and later knighted for services to science would fluff research for his own ends. As can be seen from his books they appropriately referenced with bibliography such that anyone can follow his research. There are some minor inaccuracies but nothing to cause dispute as to who the main line of the family is. In addition any reference to royalty, aristocracy, or notable people who Cleland ancestors had contact with is more to gain a feeling for the times, and or useful points of reference to fill out the history of this quite interesting family. So until anyone can find any evidence to the contrary I’ll put my money on the lineage as stated in “The Ancient Family of Cleland”. If anyone is interested I can email any number of pages if they want to find out which generation they might have come from. Kind regards, Tom Cleland

  From: John Clelland Hocknull J.P. (Qual) Date: 8/30/2001 Time: 8:22:39 AM Remote Name:

Comments I for one would like to see the evidence mentioned. I spoke with William Cleland at his home in Andover England and he was quite insistent that the lineage in his fathers book had flaws and that there was a 100 year gap which had not been filled. This gap is found also in Stillman Kneelands book published before the JB Cleland version. I would dearly like to have the JBC book reprinted but it would be against William’s wishes contained in a letter he wrote to me long before I met him. So lets share what we have and maybe we can come up with the truth and have the Clan Chief matriculate Arms and finalise one part of the jigsaw. The use of a Coat of Arms by anyone who has not proved to the satisfaction of the Lord Lyon that they are the rightful owners is a very risky action together with being a breach of the law. So let us research all the evidence and support whole heartedly the individual who has the best claim to the Arms. I had a phone call from England the other night from a Cleland who had some family jewellery that had been passed down through the generations which sounded very interesting. This family were from Scotland and had never migrated any further than England. There could be something very interesting to learn from their genealogy and family history also. Regards, John Clelland Hocknull J.P. (Qual)

Re: Clan Clelland From: B. Pavelec Date: 8/30/2001 Time: 10:08:51 PM Remote Name:

Comments Would love to contact Coatbridge and/or Kilsyth Cleland family descendents.

Re: Any other Neelands? From: kevin Neelands Date: 11/7/2001 Time: 5:52:17 PM Remote Name:

Comments My father (Lewis Neelands) is into genealogy. I don’t have his email address with me, send an email to and I will send his email address to you.

Re: Clan Clelland From: William Clelland Date: 9/2/2001 Time: 3:14:42 PM Remote Name:

Comments Barry, Try Ian Cleland, on the previous page in this discussion page. His grandfather was a knowledgeable person about Coatbridge. Regards, William.

a misplaced Havercroft From: Date: 9/5/2001 Time: 2:46:13 PM Remote Name:

Comments Hi, I am from the UK and am trying to contact Betty Havercroft from Perth. She has met my sister, please could anyone pass this message on to her. Thank you, I can be contacted on Best wishes and happy hunting, Jan

Re: Cleland Families in Loudoun, Ayrshire, Scotland From: Elizabeth East  Melbourne Australia email “” Date: 10/11/2001 Time: 2:59:37 AM Remote Name:

Comments I recognise the names John Clelland and Agnes Breckenridge, Loudon Ayrshire Scotland, and they are my ancestors too. I notice your posting was submitted in 1999, so by now you may have had many replies. it took me many years, but I have only the father of John, Robert, but 3 generations back on Agnes. I would be happy to correspond by email if you are still interested. I would be interested to know how your line of descent develops from mine. Regards. Elizabeth E ast.

Re: Cleland Scotland From: Alan Cleland Stuart Date: 11/7/2001 Time: 3:35:09 PM Remote Name:

Comments Anybody out there looking for Clelands from Pumpherston / Whitburn / Livingston / West Calder area. I have a lot of information on family connections back to James Cleland and Christian Thompson who married at Whitburn, West Lothian, Scotland on 16th April 1830 and some leads back another two generations. Can anyone help with that line?

Coatbridge Clellands From: Date: 11/9/2001 Time: 6:04:14 PM Remote Name:

Comments Trying to trace the writer of the message on the board in September 2001 regarding Clellands from Coatbridge/Kilsyth. Grandfather/great grandfather was Alexander? Message posted from Florida?

looking for people last name Neeland From: classiccar142 Date: 11/18/2001 Time: 1:32:00 AM Remote Name:

Comments I am looking for people with the last name Neeland

Irish Clelands and Scottish Clelands From: James Joy Date: 12/4/2001 Time: 12:22:26 AM Remote Name:

Comments I would like to see on this site a place where we could begin to put together the Cleland tree. I see that you have obtained the material from the Cleland Cousins book. If we could begin with that and add any information that people have as to the original Clelands or Kneelands so that we could possibly begin to put the tree back together. I am especially interested in how the Scottish tree and Arthur of the Irish tree is related. In the book the Cleland cousins it insinuates that the author’s source in Ireland had collected this information but that he died before he could put it together. If there was someone to contact the son with whom the information was left it may prove very helpful

I am an descendent of Jane Martin and Samuel Cleland.

James Joy

Cleland From: Linda Noe at Date: 1/10/2002 Time: 9:37:30 PM Remote Name:

Comments Hi, I am looking for information on Margaret cleland who married James Piper. Her father was James cleland and mother was Margaret James. They were married in 1694.I am wonder ing which branch of the Cleland family they came from. Would appreciate any help you can give. Thanks. Linda Noe

Abraham Neelands of Irelands B: C.1810. From: Mariellen Pearce Date: 1/27/2002 Time: 2:40:44 AM Remote Name:

Comments Abraham Neelands M: C.1830 Ireland Sp: Jane Eakens. Can anyone assist with where in Ireland, I have my g-great grandfather death certificate that states he was born in County Tyrone. Two of Abrahams sons emigrated to Australia, William and Samuel in 1854 to Portland Victoria. Any assistance greatly appreciated. Reply to: