Cleland Tartan Weddings.


 Scott A Hocknull marries on top of a 250′ mesa in Outback Australia (near Winton, Qld) cleland_tartan.jpg


 Proud mother and father with the Bride and Groom.cleland_tartan_bgmd.jpg  Groom’s older brother and his family visiting from Phoenix AZ USA. Everyone with some Cleland Tartan.cleland_tartan_americans.jpg
 LtoR. Scott’s daughter Angie, Dad, Scott, JC, Gran, Craig, Hugh (Clelland), Laura (nee Campbell) and wee Gregor. 6 Hocknull boys. cleland_tartan_galore.jpg  Everybody squeeze together. Lots of Cleland tartan.cleland_tartan_squeeze.jpg



 Cleland wedding at Reinfield House in Hampshire. Hugh Cleland and Susan Elizabeth Cleland of Swadlincote, Derbyshire, with groom Stephen Coles marries Charlotte Louise Anderson Cleland.  Mr & Mrs Robert Coles of Billerbeck in Germany.


 Hugh Roderick Cleland, Charlotte Louise Anderson Cleland and William John Anderson Clelacleland_wedding_uk_4.jpgnd
 Charlotte Louise Anderson Cleland and William John Anderson Clelandcleland_wedding_uk_3.jpg  Hcleland_wedding_uk_1.jpgugh Roderick Cleland,  Susan Elizabeth Cleland, Charlotte Louise Anderson Coles (nee Cleland) and Stephen Coles

Max Cleland was elected as a Senator in Atlanta Georgia during the US Presidential and Senate Elections. I believe Max is a triple amputee as a result of the Vietnam war and has obviously a great deal of interest in Veterans Affairs.

If anybody knows Max please pass on our best wishes and encourage him to become a member of the Society.

Scott, our No2 son, has discovered a new species of fossilised mollusc some 210million years old. This bottom dwelling mud sucker has been given the scientific name (by Scott) “Protovirgus clellandi”. He used clelland as the species name because he wanted to relate it to the family. It was a large freshwater mussel that used to filter food from the mud. Is it fitting that he has called us bottom dwelling scum suckers!?

To all those who have had children, or relatives marrying or giving birth, a fond welcome to the extended Cleland family.

To Margaret Cleland, wife of Lloyd of New Zealand, congratulations on receiving your Member of the British Empire (MBE) for 50+ years of service to the Community is a commendable effort and deserves the recognition.

Cameron Cleeland-Hickey grandson of Ross and Sylvia Cleeland of Hawaii has been awarded an Athletics Scholarship for football to the University of Washington, Seattle.

If any more Cleland descendants gain athletics scholarship in the United States, the education system will go bankrupt.
Maurice Cleland of New Zealand was awarded the Order of the British Empire (OBE)

Bruce Sinkey, the second member of the Clan Cleland Society (his brother being the first) has been accepted into an organization called “Americans of Royal Descent and Society of Descendants of Charlemagne.” I’m sure he will learn much from such a group.
Tom Cleland (Colonel US Army Reserve I think) has been inducted into the “Sovereign Military Order of the Temple of Jerusalem” part of the “Knights Templer” of which I believe the “Society of St. John” (founders of the ambulance society) is also a part.

Tom Cleland of New York advises that his eldest daughter has just spent a semester studying in China and he has been promoted to Colonel in the National Guard and he’s also the Chief of Staff in New York State for the Army. It appears that his family followed Cleland Family tradition in that one of the South Australian Clelands family was a Missionary in China and we all know of Lt Col William Cleland of Cameronian fame.

Stuart Cleland of East Hawthorn Victoria has recently returned from what sounds like a very exciting and enjoyable trip to Europe. Stuart eventually found and visited Old Cleland Manor . He tells us it is now a Nursing Home and protected by the National Trust. I think he will probably spend more time in Scotland on his next visit.