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If you want to track down some of the tangible history of the Cleland’s then pay a visit to the Low Park Museum. 129 Muir Street, Hamilton (not far from Cleland). See the map to the left for directions.


They have a display which is based on the history of the Cameronians (The Scottish Rifles) including some very interesting Cleland stuff.


Just ask at Museum reception for the Cameronian display.


Lt Col Cleland’s sword is part of the “Disbandment Display”.


It rests on the Communion table used at the outdoor Conventicles at Douglas on 15 May each year.


The display reproduces the scene on that last Conventicle when the 1st Battalion The Cameronians (Scottish Rifles) was disbanded. Period costumes used during the life of the Cameronians is part of the display.


The following are exact extracts from the “Register of the Privy Council” during the reign of William III and Mary II


Edinburgh, 12th August 1689.


“The Lords of his Majesties Privy Council doe heirby ordaine Livetennant Collonell Cleilland to march the Lord Augus regiement under his command from Downe and Dunblaine and wher they are now quartered to Dunkell, and upon ther aryvall at that place appoynts the said Livetennant CollonelI to acquant Major Generall Lanier and the commanding officer of his Majesties forces at Pearth and to receive and prosecute such ordors and directiones as Major Generall McKay, the said Major Generall Lanier or the commanding officer of the forces at Pearth shall give or send to him.”


Acta, May 1689 – November 1689


“A letter by ane express was brought from severall of the officers of the Lord Angus regiement, and another from Sir John Lanier, and a thrid from Major Generall McKay, and therupon the letters following ware written and direct, viz., to the Lord Secretary of State one letter quherof the tenor followes:– My Lord, The rebells in the north finding that Major Generall McKayesearlie appearance in the field after the ruffle at Killichrankie hade defeat their expectationes from Pearth shyre, Angus and the more southerne parts, and his vigillance in passing after them on their retreat northward hade disappoynted their designes in these places, they turned head and by exterordinary long marches returned to Atholl, wher being joyed with many in that countrey with the Stewarts of Appin and the men of Glenco, with the most part of the McGrigors who before hade not joyned them, they made a considerable bodie and resolved to attack the two battalliones of the Lord Angus regiement posted at Dunkeld by ordor from the Councill, and accordingly falling down upon and entering into actione with them, the Councill have thought fitt to give your Lordship ane account of the particulars therof as followes :– On Saturday the seventein the Lord Angus his regiement under the command of Livetennant Collonell Cleilland arrived at Dunkeld,

and the nixt day finding that the Highlanders ware comeing down upon them sent ane express to Pearth to Collonell Ramsay, comandant ther, signifieing the samen, wherupon the collonell ordored the Earle of Eglingtone and the Laird of Grubits troope of horss and thrie troopes of the Lord Cardross regment of dragoones under the command of the said Lord Cardross to march to Dunkeld. On Munday morning when this detatchment arrived they found the countrie gathering and saw bodies of forces in severall places round the towne. The Lord Cardross sent a small partie to make discoveries under the command of the Earle of Eglingtons livetennant, with a partie of foot to make good their retreat if need ware; but no sooner ware they advanced but the enemie fyred briskly and woundit Grubits cornet in the legg and four more of the troopers, severalls of the enemie falling in the mean tyme. Both horses dragoones and foot shewed a great deall of willingnes in this actione and beat the enemies from their posts towards the woods tho they ware fourtein or fyftein hundred strong, and in the evening this detatched partie returned to Dunkeld. Off the enemie ther ware six hundred Atholl men with a few horses and two companies from Strathtay. The same night the Lord Cardross received ordors from Collonell Ramsay to returne to Pearth, which accordingly he did, leaveing the battalliones of the Lord Angus regiement posted in the castle and garden belonging to the Marques of Atholl at Dunkeld. Upon Wedensday the 21 appeared about four thousand men upon the hills who imediatly marched downe on the Lord Angus regiement as they lay intrinched and fell upon them, wher they ware bravely received and repulsed with the loss of a consider­able number of the rebells, amongst whom Stewart of Appine, at leanth put to flight. Ther ware killed of the Lord Angus regiement the livetennant collonell and eight or ten comon souldiers, the major and Captain Caldwall mortallie woundit, Captain Hay and Captain Borthwick and severall other officers alsoe woundit. This regiement haveing accquyte themselves bravely in this actione, as wee are certified by the Lord Cardross, Major Generall Laneir and Collonell Ramsay, would be tymeously suplied by his Majestie with a livetennant collonell, and a major (if he be dead), who may both sute the tempers of these people and be ane encouradgment to them to continue fervent and forward for his Majesties service. The Councill have been this day informed by a letter from Major Generall McKay (heirwith sent to be comunicat with your conveniencie to his Majestie, with a coppie of the answear the Major Generall hade from the clans to the indemnity sent by him to them) how resolute, dilligent and indefatigable the Master of Forbes and Sir George Gordon of Edinglassie have been in his Majesties service. They presume to recommend the said Master of Forbes and Sir George Gordon to his Majesties favor in complyance with the said Major Generall McKay, that he may consider how far he shall think fitt to conferr any character or token of his grace or royall bountie upon persones of their zeall and faithfullnes to his service. The Lords of Councill by their letter to Major Generall Lanier of the 19 current ordored him to draw togither all the forces about Pearth, Dundie and Forfarr, and with them to march into Atholl, which by his answear this day wee understand he is vigorously prosecuting and expects shortly Major Generall McKayes conjunctione with him in that expeditione, from which a good account of the enemie is hoped for in a short tyme. This in name and by warrand of the Councill is signified to your Lordship by, my Lord, your Lordships most humble servant.  Sic subacribitur, CRAFURD, P.”

“The letter underwrittin from the Councill direct to Major Generall McKay, which is as followes: – Yours from Aberdeen of the 20 current wee have sent forward by a flying packett to his Majestie, with ane account of what have past within thir few dayes at Dunkeld, and a coppie of that insolent returne made to yow by the Highland clanes upon the offor, of the indemnity sent by yow to them, wheranent the Councill joyne with your oppinion that after the elapsing of the tyme contained in the proclamatione they ought to be reputed unworthie of his Majesties grace and clamencie. The four friggots which came down hither are severall dayes agoe gone on their voadge north abouts to cruize betwixt Scotland and Ireland; what they may doe on the way in relatione to their descent into any of the Islands is much at their own discreatione. As for the battallione of Bavradge regiement, yow will have the occassione to meett with and give the neccessar ordors to it at St. Johnstoune. In complyance with your last in referrence to the tents, the Councill called for Livetennant Collonell Buchan and appoynted him to give the necessar ordors theranent and to report, who accordingly hes signified to the Councill that he hade made ane agreement with on Mr Hay for furnishing ane hundred tentes a week at a verie easie rate, so as yow may ordor them to be sent up to yow as and wher yow shall think fitt. Yow will find not only my Lord Argyles regiement but alsoe the most part of that detatchment formerly under his command in Argyle at and about St. Johnstoune, to whom yow may give the necessar ordors; and they doe remitt it to yow to dispose of any part of the forces what way and what maner yow think most conduceable for his Majesties service. The Councill are sensible both of the merit of the Master of Forbes and Sir George Gordon of Edinglassie for their singullar service to their Majesties at this tyme, and your justice by the character yow put upon them, and have accordingly humbly recommendit them to his Majesties particular care.  This in name and be warrand of the Coucill is signified to yow by your humble servant. Sic subscribiur,



“A letter to Livetennant Collonell Clielland from the board, quherof the tenor followes:– The Lords of his Majesties Privy Councill ordaine yow to march with the regiement under your command, after they are mustured, from the place of their said mustur to Downe,Dunblaine and the most convenent places therabout, and ther remaine untill yow receive furder ordor, which in name and be warrand of the Councill is signified to yow by your assured freind. Sic subscribitur, HAMILTONE.P.”


“Anent a petitione given in to the Lords of his Majesties Privy Councill be William Lowrie of Blaikwood, showing that the   petitioner was ingadged by contract with Heugh Blair, Samuell McClielland, Mr Robert and Robert Blaikwoods and George Home, merchants in Edinburgh, for provyding twalve hundred reid coats to be made and furnished and to be wholly delyvered in October nixt, togither with twalve hundred hatts for the use of the Lord Angus regiement, which he had obleidged himself to pay to the fornamed persons; and seing the said merchants have testified the same under their hands that ther is a great part of the said coatts allready made and the rest dilligently makeing, which is to be payed out of the retentione money detained from the souldiers pay, and therfore humbly craveing the saids Lords to grant warrand to James Oswald of Fingltoune to grant precepts for payment of the retentione money for eighteen dayes of the moneth of May and for the monethes of July, Agust and September qnhilk he retained in his hand, and lykwayes to grant warrand to the said William Lowrie to compt and reckon with Livetennant Collonell Cleilland and Major Hendersones representatives,

intromitters with their estates, for the pay of the regiement and retentione money of the moneth of July jmviceightie nyne for which they received precepts from the said James Oswald and the money payed in to them for the said regiement, as the said suplicatione bears : The Lords of his Majesties Privy Councill haveing considered the above petitione, with a declairatione produced under the merchants hands, they recommend to the Earl of Crafurd, President of Councill, to draw a precept upon the generall receivers for payment to the petitioner of the cloathing money retained off the Lord Angus regiement for six hundred men of the said regiement to the effect above specifeit and grants warrand and auth­orizes the  petitioner to compt with and persue the representatives of umquhill Livetennant Collonell Cleilland and Major Hendersone for the pay and retentione money of the said regiement uplifted by them.”


“Anent a petitione given in to the Lords of his Majesties Privy Councill be Mr Thomas Steill, chamberland of Jedburgh Forrest and brother-in-law to Livtenant Collonell Cleilland, shewing that wher the saids Lords be virtue of ane act of Councill upon the sixt day of Agust last did appoint Livtenant Collonell Cleilland and Major Hendersone under command of the Lord Angus to make compt to William Lowrie of Blaikwood of the subsistance money received by them for the moneth of May and retentione money received by them for the moneth of Junii and to pay unto him what was not duely applyed for the use of the regiement to the end he might make compt therof to the Lords of Privy Councill, since quhich tyme the Livtenant Collonell and Major are both killed at Dunkeld, and ther being no commissar court wherby his freinds might be authorized to intromitt with his moveabills that ane accompt might be made with the regiement; for preventing the imbaslment of his moveabills Captain Daniall Kerr of Kersland, commandant of the Lord Angus regiement, upon the fourtein day of October instant did ordor and appoynt the said Mr Thomas Steill, brother-in-law to the Livtenant Collonell, to call for, persue and uplift all soumes of money due to him by his creditors, accquytances and discharges to give for the same in haill or in part, and finally to doe all things necessary in manadging his affairs, that the regiement might recover payment of what is wanting from him of his intromissione and what remaines to be furthcommand to such as should be found to have best rycht, creditors and relationes, conforme to the said act of Councill; and seing it was necessary for the securitie of the intromittors that the saids Lords authority ware interponed therto, and therfor humbly suplicating to the effect aftermentionit :  The Lords of his Majesties Privy Councill haveing considered the above petitione, with the commissione granted be Captan Daniall Kerr of Kersland, comondant of the Lord Angus regiement, they authorize and appoynt the petitioner to intromitt with all goods and geir belonging to the abovenamed Livtenant Collonell Cleilland the tyme of his decease in rnaner specifeit in the said commissione, he allwayes finding cautione to make the soumes of money and others belonging to the defunct intromitted or to be intromitted with be him furthcomeing for payment of the money due to the Lord Angus regiement or to any others who shall be found to have best rycht therto. “


“Anent a petitione given in to his Majesties High Commissioner and Lords of Privy Councill be Livetennant Robert Nisbett in Collonell D. O’Ferrell his regiement, shewing that wher the petitioner being ordored home for recruits and haveing in ordor therto obtained the Lord High Commissioner his pass, and goeing hom to Air in companie with Provest Muir, he was seazed upon at Killmarnock and most inhumainly and barbarousile used notwithstanding of his designe showen of makeing recruites for the present service, and notwithstanding of his Majestie and the Lord High Commissioner his pass all made knowen to his appre­hendars by the said Provest Muir, so for all he and the gentlmen in the countrie and some of the commanders in the present service ware able to doe he behooved to be delivered up to his apprehendars, and when they hade done their pleasure and caried him to Livetennant Collonell Cleilland, after all and by his intercessione the petitioner was necessitate that thrie of his freinds behoved to grant bond to David Gemmell,