Do you have a Margaret Cleland married to an Andrew Walker? (Sorry no years). If so then the “Jackson Family History” compiled by Charlotte Soares of Surrey. is for you. Charlotte has been a member for some time and Morag, the boys and I visited in 1988. Her book costs 15 Pounds sterling plus 3 Pounds for postage. (I assume this covers overseas as well). The book has 250 pages and hundreds of quality photos.

I received a letter from a Mr Norman Cleland Dunning of 9, Beechwood Close, Church Crookham, Fleet, Hants, England GU13 0PT enquiring of his grandfather Marshall Cochrane Cleland who married Charlotte Emily Jacobsen on 6th December 1898 at Blythswood Glasgow. He subsequently emigrated to Auckland New Zealand where he died. I answered Mr Dunning and referred him to a couple of our NZ members but perhaps someone else can help him.

Has anyone ever seen any references to the place MUMSDALE in Scotland. And can the person who asked me the question please contact me again as I have misplaced your letter but remembered to ask about MUMSDALE!

The IRISH connection

The following in prepared from extracts from Presbyterian Church Records compiled by Rev. Dr D Steward, Belfast..

In the year 1571 Queen Elizabeth granted certain lands in the North Down and The Ards to Sir Thos. Smith, who designed to establish a colony of Englishmen. The venture failed, but Sir Thos preserved the tenure while he lived. After his decease the rent remained unpaid, and the conditions unfulfilled for many years, and so these lands reverted to the Crown.

In 1605 King James I resolved to grant these vacant lands in equal shares to Sir Hugh Montgomery, Sir James Hamilton & Con O’Neill, on conditions two of which are pertinent to our subject viz:
1) That Montgomery & Hamilton would plant the whole Territory (Conn’s portion included) with British tenants.
2) That periodically they would muster all the men thus planted between 16 & 60 years of age to bear arms and parade them before the King’s Muster Master.
The list of those mustered in the year 1631, is extant, preserved in the British Museum, and after careful scrutiny of the list of the 1,517 men paraded by Montgomery, and the 1,738 paraded by Hamilton, we find only one person bearing the name of “Cleland” and his is in the Bangor Section:-


The Henderson Connection courtesy Alistair Henderson Yr of Fordell
I have some references to your parties:
1. JEAN Henderson, youngest da. of Sir John Henderson, Bt and his wife Margaret, da. of Sir John Hamilton of Orbiston (his cousin), married on 23 Sep 1691, apparently as second wife, Robert Cleland, writer, Edinburgh. Source:  “History of Inverkeithing & Rosyth” by Rev. William Stephen 1921, quoting:    Edinburgh Registers (should be available on OPR Index at GSQ or Mormons, & actual register on film at Mormons)  
Fordell Writs (available at National Archives of Scotland) In my copy of the Inventory to Fordell Writs, I found the following Cleland references:
No. 368, 6 July 1686    Bond by James Cleiland, merchant burgess of Edinburgh, and Robert Cleiland, writer there, his eldest son, in favour of James Cleiland, chirurgeon burgess thereof, and Isobel Kennedy, his spouse, of 2000 merks.
No. 371, 9 March, 1688 Bond by James Cleland, merchant burgess of Edinburgh, Janet  Hendersone, his spouse, and Robert Cleland, their eldest son, in favour of Thomas Smellie, merchant burgess of Edinburgh, and          Catherine Cleland, his spouse, of 4,800 merks.
No. 375 28 August 1697 Disposition and assignation by James Clelland, elder merchant burgess of Edinburgh, in favour of William Burgh in Kirkaldie and James Clelland, chirurgeon burgess of Edinburgh, of annual rent of  £370.8s scots from lands of Little Fordell.
In Balfour-Paul’s “Ordinary of Scottish Arms”, I found the following entries (presumably the date of matriculation):
Cleland of Faskin, 1680-7 Cleland of that Ilk, 1672-7
Cleland-Henderson of Roke Manor, 1882-1886
Robert Cleland, Edinburgh, 1672-7
Major William Cleland, Commissioner of Customs, 1777 (NB. These arms were the same as Cleland of that Ilk!)
Prof William Cleland, Barbadoes, 1692
Apart from Maj. William, all the arms had significant differences.
John, I hope some of this helps your search. Cheers Alistair Henderson