The following account is quoted in the “Herald and Genealogist”
Alexander Cleland, the twelfth Cleland of that ilk, married Mary, sister of Sir John Hamilton, first Lord Bargany, and youngest daughter of Sir John Hamilton of Bargany and his spouse, Margaret Campbell, daughter of the Rev. (should it not be the Right Rev;?) Alexander Campbell (Bishop of Brechin) of Ardkinlas, descended from Argyle. By her he had several sons, the eldest of whom sold the lands of Cleland to a cousin of his own name.

John Cleland of Laird Braes, in the parish of Zeswalt (sic.? Leswalt), was either the second or the third son of the above Alexander Cleland, and was born about the year 1623. In consequence of some disagreement with his elder brother he retired in disgust to a small property, called “Laird Braes,” in the parish of Zestalt (sic.) and county of Wigton, and about the year 1651 married Katherine Ross, descended from the flosses of Henning.* He died in 1683, leaving by his said wife his son and successor.

James Cleland of Laird Braes, born in 1652, married in 1690 Agnes Innes, who was born in 1670, and descended from the Inneses of Benwall Bt  She died in 1711, and he died in 1717, leaving issue
John, born in 1692.

Mary, born in 1694, married James McEwan her third cousin, by whom she had a daughter and only child, born 8th October, 1728, married to Robert Innes, born in 1728, who died, s.p. 30th December, 1812.

The son and heir,
John Cleland of Whithorn, in Wigtonshire, Scotland, was appointed factor to James, fifth Earl of Galloway, and, in 1731, married Margaret Murdoch, only child of Murdoch, Provost of Whithorn, descended from the Murdochs of Cum­lodden; she was born in 1701, and died 21st September, 1747; he died 10th August, 1747, and had issue by her-;
James, born 4th May 1736 (of whom hereafter).
Agnes, born 4th September, 1740, married first at Fort St. David’s, in the East Indies, 5th June, 1766, to Lieut; Richard Rose, of the East India Company’s European Regi­ment, who died at Trichinopoly, 7lh June, 1768, of wounds received at the siege of Altoor by whom she had an only child.
James Dowsett Rose, who afterwards assumed the addi­tional name of Cleland, born 24th March 1767.
She married, secondly, in 1774, William Nicholson, Esq., of Ballow House, and died 11th July 1775 (and was buried at Bangor, Ireland), without having issue by him.
The son and successor,
James Cleland, Esq., of Newtown Ards, co. Down, Ireland, married in 1770, Sarah, only child of Captain Patrick Baird (brother of William Baird of Newbyth, and James Baird, Esq. of London, and uncle to General Sir David Baird); he died at Newtown Ards, 14th May, 1777, s,p. Will dated 5th. May 1775. His widow died and was buried at Abingdon, Berks, 7th December 1787.   Will dated 23rd November, 1787 Mr. Cleland was succeeded by his nephew, the present James Dowsett Rose-Cleland, Esq., of Rath-Gael
James Dowsett Cleland-Rose, Esq., of Rath-Gael House, co. Down, born 24th.March, 1767; succeeded his father 7th June, 1768, and to the property of his paternal grandfather, Richard Rose, Esq., of Abingdon, Berks. 14th January, 1784, and in compliance with the testamentary injunction of his cousin, Patrick Clealand, Esq., of Ballymagee, co. Down (to whose Irish estates he succeeded, 5th December, 1785), assumed the additional surname and arms of Cleland (his mother’s name). His first wife having died without male issue surviving, he wedded, secondly, 10th December 1832, Elizabeth, eldest daughter of William Nicholson Steel Nicholson, Esq., of Ballow House, and Elizabeth Hancock, his wife, and by her has two (three) other sons and a daughter (three daughters).
III. James Blackwood, born 30th January 1835.
IV. Richard, born 1st May 1886.   (This gentleman seems to be the present representative of the family)
V.  Edward Allen, born 21st January 1840.
1.  Agnes Elizabeth.  II. Isabel Hamilton.
III. Margaret Sabina.

Mr. Rose Cleland is a magistrate and Deputy-Lieutenant for the county of Down. He commanded the Newtown Ards Yeomen Infantry at the battle of Saintfield, 9th June, 1798; in August following raised the Rath-Gael Yeomen Infantry, and received repeated thanks from the Government for his services; he also served the office of High Sheriff for the county of Down in 1805, and presided at the contested election for that county between Robert Stewart Viscount Castlereagh and Col. John Meade, which lasted twenty-one days.

Arms and supporter – which are those of the Old Clelands
Azure, a hare salient argent with a hunting-horn round its neck vert, garnished gules, for Cleland, quartering Allen, Bennet, Murdoch, and Cleland. (Burke’s General Armory.)
CRESTS. -A hawk on a left-hand glove proper, for Cleland. A rose gules, seeded and slipped proper, between two wings ermine, for Rose.
Mottoes.-For sport; and Je pense a qui pense plus. Supporters. Two greyhounds. proper collared or.
(The Herald and Genealogist, 1866.)
This genealogy is severely criticised in the “Herald and Genealogist;” but as has been pointed out in dealing with the main line of the Clelands, we think unjustly. In the arms, however, the Rose-Clelands have adopted the Cleland supporters of two greyhounds, an act inexcusable, since the supporters can alone be carried by the head of the family, and the Rose-Clelands not only cannot claim such a position but are in fact only Clelands by the female side
The following additional information is gained from “Burke’s Landed Gentry,” 1894
Gen. (e) James Dowsett Rose-C1eland, born 1767, died 1852.
Gen (f) James Blackwood Rose-Cleland, born 1835, his son Died in 1856.  Succeeded by his brother.
Richard Rose-Cleland, born 1836, succeeded his brother 1856; married 1861, Elizabeth, daughter of Robert Ken­nedy, Esq., of Lisburn, co. Antrim. Died 1892, having had issue
Gen. (g)
I          James Dowsett Rose-Cleland, born 1862.
II.        Robert Kennedy Rose-Cleland, born 1863.
III.       Richard Rose-Cleland, born 1864, died 1865.
IV.       Charles Arthur, born 1876
I.          Elizabeth Helen Louisa. II; Mary Isabella Eveline
III      Edith Adelaide.
IV.       Maude Ethel.
V         Florence May.
VI.       Alice Gertrude.
VlI.      Catherine Mabel.
VIII.     Harriet Ella.