Cleland Road Sign.jpg  Welcome to Cleland on a cold wet summers day.
 Cleland Main St 2.jpg  Cleland Main St
 Cleland Main St.jpg  Cleland Main Street the other direction
 Cleland Post Office 2.jpg  Left and Below Cleland Post Office
 Cleland Post Office.jpg  
 Cleland Church 2.jpg

 Just one of Cleland’s churches

Cleland Church.jpg

 Cleland Library.jpg  

Cleland’s Library.

They hold a reasonable amount of information on the family.

 Dalziel Park Score card.jpg  

Searching for the Old Cleland House? Well look no further. It has been replaced by an exclusive housing estate and Dalziel Park Golf & Country Club plus the Dalziel Park Hotel and Conference Centre.

Only down the road from Cleland Town. Time moves on.

 Dalziel Park Map and Info.jpg  

How to get there? Cleland is situated at the bottom right hand corner of the map. Hamilton is to the left hand side.

Phone 01698 862862

Email to check if they have rooms available.