Various scenes of Scotland


 Auld Reekie Street 3.jpg  Edinburgh Castle from Princess St (West End).
 Auld Reekie Street 2.jpg  

Auld Reeky or Edinburgh.

Bruntsfield Terrace where Morag grew up.

 Auld Reekie Street.jpg  

These cobbles have been here for centuries.


 Blair castle.jpg  Blair Castle from the A9.
 Forth Bridge.jpg

 Forth Rail Bridge and South Queensferry harbour. I come from over the river.

Three train stops, North Queensferry, Inverkeithing then my home town of Rosyth.

 Inverness River.jpg


River Ness at Inverness and churches which still have Gaelic services twice a week.

 Inverness Castle.jpg


Poor photo of Inverness castle from House of Fraser front door.

 South Queensferry 4.jpg  

Left and below some street scapes and houses in South Queensferry.

The dates are quite mind blowing for someone living in a country with such a short European history. Ask my son.

 South Queensferry 3.jpg  
 South Queensferry 2.jpg  South Queensferry 1.jpg
 South Queensferry.jpg Just enough room for a horse and cart to pass. Note the cobbles and elevated foot path.